The Ig Nobel Prize 2014, 2013, 2012. Nomination: SEISMOLOGY technology earthquake prediction «TRON».

The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. Harvard University. Thursday
Nomination: SEISMOLOGY - technology «TRON». 

Dear members of the Ig Nobel 2014.
Abrahams Marc  Farrar Steve   Jemielniak Dariusz  Griffin Katherine  Gardiner Martin  Luxury Hair   Moeliker Kees   Rodrigues Sid   Schneider Reto    Wahlberg Magnus
Sorry for translate Google, I do not know English.

2012 year I was nominated for its work your competition. This technology accurately predict the location, time and strength of earthquakes «TRON». She could win the nomination: SEISMOLOGY, Biology, Zoology, Geology, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Luxuriant Hair.
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But in 2012, you have not given us a prize. During the year, we wrote 893 letters to various scientific, commercial, government and international organizations. But we have not got 199 bounce as Jack Andraka. No one says "no." No one says "yes".
In 2013, again, you have not given us a prize Ig Nobel. And the world has not heard about TRON.   We pray to God that in 2013 -2014, there were no large earthquakes. Neither the U.S. nor Japan, nor in New Zealand or in Poland or in Bahrain. We will wait for your take for 2014.

Thank you very much.

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