Am I dreaming? No.... - Tthey sleep

Am I dreaming? No.... - Tthey sleep

Billions of people on five continents, from Boston to Los Angeles, from Tokio to New Zealand, have heard the evidence in “Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight”— on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines.  It’s an important message for the immense populations along the US and Canadian west coasts, and the Mississippi River Valley.
Earthquake Prediction attempts to answer those questions, by connecting the interlocking parts of a scientific detective story that ranges from the steppes of Russia, to the jungles of Central America, and back to the San Andreas, Cascadia and New Madrid Fault Zones in the US and Canada. Remarkable evidence concerning what has been hypothesized about quake prediction--from as early as antiquity to the present--gives a thought-provoking overview of how this topic has remained in scientific limbo for so many centuries.

Am I dreaming? No. By all accounts this is better than dreaming; I am in attendance at the Twenty-First 1st Annual Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony 2012. Just about every aspect of the event is steeped in unconventionality. The audience, overtly vocal and incredibly boisterous, whoops and applauds like a mob of raucous sports fans at any mention of "chemistry," the theme of this year's ceremonial proceedings; a strict 60-second rule is enforced by an eight year old Miss Fish who is all too happy to yowl "please stop, I'm SCARED!" in the face of any award recipient unfortunate enough to drone on for longer than a minute while delivering an acceptance speech; members of the audience, over 1200 of them, are encouraged to hurl paper airplanes at the stage at various points throughout the evening. Thank you for all friends dog America's new president.

CAMERA OFFICE №6 Rchkabo Kakuhoningen
My name dog Sophie. We are able to predict earthquakes. Occasionally, people ask, "Do you have a top hat and a lion whip to keep the circus in order?" to which my answers are:
1) Yes, I do have a top hat, which is decaying and at this point about 50% duct tape
2) No, because lion whips are not the most efficient of tools for the task. We have something better with which to tame humans. We call her Miss Fish.

Miss Fish this wee little fish swimming through the aquarium, looks up at the at a person who has a online media, and says,
Please click. Earthquake will be in three days.
Please Click. I'm scared. Earthquake will be in two days.
Please CLICK. I'm scared. Earthquake will be one of the day

Your..- CLICK!!!»

I woke up. It was a dream. Smart America had fun, made ​​money and was still confident that you can not accurately predict earthquakes.

Foolish dream. I am only the second line in the archive?

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