Edward Snowden covered his tracks: the U.S. government can not establish what documents he had acquired

The U.S. government is trying to determine which documents are classified National Security Agency are Edward Snowden. However, the investigation is complicated by the fact that the whistleblower has hidden his tracks, bypassing security software. 

Edward Snowden to take care that the U.S. government smashed their heads over what other documents are in his possession. Former CIA bypassed security programs that restrict access to information without proper authorization. He was able to erase the system of keeping the log, which allow you to see what information he scanned or downloaded, reports Associated Press. In July, after nearly two months after the publication of The Guardian has published documents that the U.S. government carries out a secret program of spying on Americans, the head of the National Security Agency Alensander Keith said he did not have a clue how many and which documents managed to get the informant. A spokesman for the NSA Veni Vines told that the head of the department suggests what data is collected with a Snowden, but the investigation is not completely finished. The fact that the NSA is still unable to determine which documents are stolen Edward Snowden, casts doubt on Barack Obama's statement that all information received by the Agency, is carefully protected. In addition to the president of the country to the protection program of surveillance by the Deputy Attorney General, General James Max. He told Congress that the administration follows the staff who work with these people. According to him, all that is done under the program is fully recorded in the documents before making a final decision. Note that the last U.S. National Security Agency has recognized the facts of conscious abuse of power on the part of its employees in tracking communications. Recall that the spying scandal with the U.S. government broke out when a former CIA officer Edward Snowden publicized classified documents that reveal the illegal activities of the U.S. government. Whistleblower was then forced to leave the territory of the United States. For a long time informant fugitive was in the transit area of ​​the Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo" because the U.S. government revoked his passport. Snowden leave the transit zone was only after the Russian side has granted him political asylum.

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